High-Definition, Full Multi-Modality.

The Radiance with full multi-modality imaging (MMI) is built with capabilities that allow any two input sources to be viewed
simultaneously on the same display in a variety of split-screen or picture-in-picture configurations. It is the first of its kind to
support two DVI inputs as well as two HD-SDI inputs, ensuring unprecedented flexibility for HD digital video connectivity,
plus protection against technology obsolescence for many years to come. The same content can also be delivered to
users outside the OR, including audio. NDSsi’s Full MMI Radiance is compatible with endoscopic cameras, fluoroscopes,
ultrasound machines, and other medical imaging systems. Much like NDSsi’s standard Radiance, it features a high level of
brightness and contrast, dual IPS color LCD technology, and is equipped with more HD and SD video inputs than any other
medical display on the market.

Radiance with Touch
IR Touch Screen, Full Multi-Modality.

The Radiance with touch series is a versatile medical visualization system designed for minimally invasive surgery as well
as other medical imaging applications within the operation room. Much like NDSsi’s Radiance with Full MMI, It features all of
the same benefits as the Radiance with Full MMI, plus an IR touch screen system.  The Radiance with touch can easily be
combined with imaging informatics platforms that can display and deliver customized clinical content to OR staff and
enhance surgical workflow.

EndoVue® HD Portfolio with Widescreen and 42" LED.
Affordable Medical Imaging

Fully compliant for medical use in surgery, the EndoVue® HD widescreen and 42" LED from NDSsi offers a high quality,  
low-cost solution for surgical imaging environments. Its compact and lightweight design makes it very maneuverable and
easy to install on a surgical cart or boom arm. The new  EndoVue® is an affordable alternative to a full-featured surgical
display but can still accommodate high-definition signals from a variety of medical imaging sources, including endoscopes,
ultrasound, PACS, and vital signs. It also features a fanless cooling design to minimize the risk of spreading airborne
contaminates near the sterile field
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