We are the Pacific Northwest FujiFilm Distributor
High-Definition Endoscopy (HDe®) Digital Video Processor
and Light Source

The EPX-4440HD, with its separate High-Definition digital video processor
(VP-4440HD) and its 300 watt xenon light source (XL-4450), has been designed to
meet the needs of any facility – ambulatory surgery center to academic medical center.

The EPX-4440HD system can be used with our exclusive Double Balloon Endoscopy® System
(DBE) and 500 and 450 Series endoscopes
The EPX-4440HD provides you with the following standard features and benefits:

User-friendly menus
Enhances operability
Advanced image technology
Produces clear images
300 watt xenon primary light source with 500 hour lamp life
Effective and efficient source of illumination
Anti-blur function
Allows an optimal image to be extracted from multiple images
Allows the physician to simultaneously view a live and frozen image
Intuitive front panel design
Easy to identify frequently used buttons
Three illumination settings
Auto/Average/Peak (500 Series only)
75 watt halogen emergency light source
Provides backup for peace-of-mind

Lamp Rated Value Main Lamp: 300w Xenon Lamp
Emergency Lamp: 75w Halogen Lamp
Light Control Automatic Light Control
Manual also available
Lamp Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Air Supply Pump High, Mid, Low, Off
Light Save On, Off
Transillumination On, Off
Power Rating 120v, 60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.4" x 6.1" x 17.7"
Weight 33.1 lbs.
Digital Output HD-SDI:                 HDTV 1080i (2 Ch)
DVI (Digital Video Interface):       1280 x 1024 p
Ether-Net:                                    100/10 Base
Analog Output RGB:                    1280 x 1024p
SDTV (NTSC):                              RGB, Y/C, Composite
Color Adjustment:                         Black, Red, Green, Blue, R-Hue,    
                                                  Chroma; 9 Steps
Detail:                                           Hi, Lo: 9 Steps
Contrast:                                       3 Steps
Hyper Sharpness:                         Hi, Mid, Lo, Off
Color Emphasis:                            Hi, Mid, Lo, Off
Iris:                                                Average/Peak/Auto
Image Storage:                             CompactFlash Media (CF Card)
Power Rating:                               120v, 60Hz
Dimensions:                                  (W x H x D) 15.4" x 4.1" x 18.1"
Weight:                                         21 lbs.
Dicom:                                          MWL Store