Ultrasonic Washer/Disinfector for Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes

The System 83 Plus is the only automated ULTRASONIC WASHER/DISINFECTOR for reprocessing flexible endoscopes. The wash, high-level
disinfect and rinse process has been standardized and validated for consistent reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. For Infection Control, the
system is compatible with virtually all approved liquid chemical sterilants. As required by Federal Regulations, a 510(k) Summary and Overview is
available for the hospital's file.

In order to account for all channels of the flexible instrument and all internal surfaces are contacted during cleaning and high level disinfection,
System 83 plus adapts to each channel individually making it easier for the technician to verify flow and avoids bifurcating the tubing. This prevents
liquid and air from taking the path of least resistance during the process, which ensures a successful outcome.
Pre-Processing Sink S-6 and S-8

Designed to accommodate the requirements of pre-processing the endoscope prior to automated washing and disinfecting, the pre-processing sink
provides adequate size and adaptation to the endoscope to remove gross contaminants.

The sink is custom designed to aid the technician in manually pre-processing flexible instruments according to SGNA, AORN, APIC, ASGE, and CDC
liquid purging and serve to keep contaminated scopes in a designated area while awaiting automated re-processing.

The sink chamber is of a size to provide sufficient space to accommodate all flexible and most rigid endoscopes and accessories, to manually wipe
down the insertion tube (exterior jacket) of the endoscope, to brush the channels, and to soak the entire endoscope or accessory to loosen dried or
stubborn debris.
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital                          Barnes Jewish Healthcare, St. Louis, MO
Brigham & Women’s Hospital Boston, MA                Sinai Medical Center
Duke University Medical, Durham, NC                       Johns Hopkins University Medical Center
Georgetown University Medical Center                      Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Kaiser Permanente Health System                             Massachusetts General Hospital
UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA                   University of Pittsburgh Medical System
VA Medical Center, Seattle                                          University of Washington Medical
Trinity Health (Mercy Hospitals)                                    Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ
Stanford Medical Center                                               U.C. Davis, Sacramento
U.C. Los Angeles                                                           U.C. Irving
Providence Medical Center, Portland                         Cedar Sinai Hospital
Fresno Community Hospital                                         Central Valley Endoscopy Center
Wenatchee Valley Clinic                                               University of Oregon Health Sciences
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The following are the
Unique Specifications of the
Custom Ultrasonics System 83 Plus

  • Only ultrasonic flexible endoscope preprocessor to receive a 510(K) Market Approval as a Washer/Disinfector.
  • Only flexible endoscope preprocessor to use ULTRASONIC technology and pulsating liquids for Cleaning.
  • Only flexible endoscope preprocessor that adapts to each endoscope channel individually.
  • ALL reprocessing programs have been STANDARDIZED and VALIDATED under worse case scenario conditions.
  • High Pressure channel adapter ports designed to facilitate reprocessing of 2 scopes with specialty channels in each chamber
    regardless of endoscope design standard.
  • Utilizes hot water for cleaning and rinsing of endoscopes.
  • 19-inch diameter chamber standard for scopes with larger control/umbilical heads.